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Online Employee Compliance Training System


Add up the cost of travel, trainers, and consultants, and it doesn't take an accountant to know that training your staff can be very expensive. But if your organization is facing a lawsuit or a government audit, it doesn't take a lawyer to know how valuable a documented employee compliance and tracking system can be.

Fast Compliance: Your Compliance Training Site

Fast Compliance is an online employee compliance system, designed for organizations that know the importance of training, but want it for a reasonable cost.
Using a unique access number, your employees register online. With their login, they can take the training, anytime 24/7/365. Once they complete the training and pass the Final Assessment, the system automatically generates a print-ready certificate, complete with your organization's logo.
With your administrative login, you can monitor who has and hasn't taken the training. The system even automatically 'nags' employees who have not completed the training, sending them reminder e-mails.

Simple Setup...

The turn-key system allows you to easily setup a training site. Simply enter in your organization's name, choose the compliance program you want, purchase the number of seats . . . all online.
When they log on, employees see your specific site, receiving all the necessary training, including testing to document every employee's compliance.

Are you ready for an audit?

There's no guarantee you won't face litigation or a company audit. But with Fast Compliance, at least you'll know you have an auditable, documented compliance system in place to help defend you.
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