For the owner

Fast Compliance means peace of mind and accountability. If an employee commits a violation, your human resources department can use the web site to demonstrate employee acknowledgment and provide backup for termination. In addition, if the organization faces a lawsuit or a federal audit, the tracking built into the system will provide support during litigation.

For your managers

Fast Compliance allows them to track employee completions. If someone has not completed the training by the deadline, an e-mail is automatically generated and sent to the employee and their manager.

For your customers

Fast Compliance demonstrates your commitment to their privacy. Seeing the course completion certificate hanging on your wall tells them that you care.

For your employees

Fast Compliance is part of their Continuing Education program. The online learning is produced by Digitec – winner of a Brandon-Hall Excellence in eLearning Award and is designed to be fun, interactive and engaging. And since they can take the modules anytime, they don’t have to miss a scheduled training session. They can even take it from home.