Anytime you want we offer an online class. We do not have actual classes at our offices.

It is based on the 2 day class of 16 hours. It is a self-pace class so it does not matter if it take you 5 hours or 52 hours. You must pass all the assessments (test) within the course. There are 13 modules. Within the modules there are sections. After each section you will take the assessment. You must pass each assessment with a 100%. If you do not pass the assessment with a 100% you can go back and read that section again and take the Assessment again.

As many times as you need. We want you to understand the material.

Everything the DMS of Florida requires you to get your dealers license. From the laws and regulation for the state Of Florida, insurance bonds, setting up your company with the state and issuing temporary tags

Go to Online Courses to purchase. it will bring you to the screen to select your course. Make sure to pick the correct one……Pre License for Independent dealer……Franchise dealer…..Continuing education. After providing the student’s profile information, put in credit card information and click ‘Purchase’. The course will be immediately assigned to the new student account.

Did you purchase a course? You need to register when purchasing a course. Utilize Password Reset if you’ve lost your password.

When you purchase the courses you will provide the student’s name, address, and date of birth. It is this information that will appear on the certificate.

You can send a support ticket through the help desk. The address will need to be verified with sunbiz.

Everything is done online. You will need a credit card or debit card to purchase the course

Not a problem. Whom ever is taking the course will register with there name, company name, address and date of birth. This information will appear on the certificate regardless the credit card information.

It will return you to the beginning of the section you left off on. It will not necessarily return you to the exact screen.